Exploring the Vibrant Entrepreneurship Landscape of the MED Region: A Deep Dive into Techne Summit, Reflect, and Startups Without Borders Events in May 2024

Posted by: Techne Team on May 19, 2024 14:31:43

Exploring the Vibrant Entrepreneurship Landscape of the MED Region: A Deep Dive into Techne Summit, Reflect, and Startups Without Borders Events in May 2024

The Mediterranean (MED) region is increasingly becoming a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and startup activities. In May 2024, several prominent events are set to take place in the region, showcasing the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem that is rapidly evolving. Among these events are Techne Summit, Reflect, and Startups Without Borders, each offering unique opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration.

Techne Summit is a leading technology and entrepreneurship event that brings together startups, investors, industry experts, and thought leaders from across the globe. The summit serves as a platform for showcasing innovative ideas, fostering partnerships, and exploring emerging trends in various sectors. With a focus on promoting entrepreneurship in the MED region, Techne Summit plays a crucial role in connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with resources and support to help them succeed. Last year, Techne Summit made a bang in Cairo with over 15K+ attendees, 500+ startups, 180+ investors, and 250+ speakers.

This year's event, under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, promises an even bigger and better experience in Cairo from May 25th to May 27th.This year, however, we’re introducing our pre opening at Sultan Hussein Kamel (Creative Innovation Hub). This pre-event is exclusive to Engage pass holders and up. The event then moves to Cairo’s International Stadium, on the 26th May and 27th of May. There we will have the summit we all know and love.

With 10 tracks covering diverse topics from healthtech to Marketing & advertising, attendees can look forward to engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and meet-and-greets with inspiring figures. Attendees can dive into market challenges and strategic adaptation with an expert workshop led by Medhat Yassin, CEO Mori Sushi, or buckle up to learn about investing in startups by the founder of 37 Angels and Professor of VC at Columbia Business School Angela Lee. Discover more about the entrepreneurial potential of startups across Africa with the insights being shared by Maxime Bayen, Co-founder of Catalyst Fund / Africa the Big Deal, or learn from Mostafa Masry, Co-founder and CEO of Fincart, and more. Or attend a panel exploring our speakers, Salman Butt- founder, Founder and Angel Investor at and Vijay Tirathrai the Managing Director & Head of MENAPT, Techstars, tricks in identifying disruptive ideas, and nurturing promising ventures from seed to success.

Reflect is another significant event that contributes to the entrepreneurial landscape of the MED region. This gathering of creative minds, innovators, and disruptors aims to inspire new thinking, spark creativity, and drive positive change through entrepreneurship. Reflect provides a space for individuals to share their stories, experiences, and insights while also offering practical workshops and networking opportunities for participants to engage with like-minded individuals.To enrich the attendee experience, Techne has strategically partnered with Reflect to broaden the scope of each gathering, offering diverse perspectives and resources. Holders of the investor pass gain access to both Techne and Reflect Festival, meeting with a very diverse group of like minded executives. Reflect Festival and Techne startups will also be able to exhibit at both events through a new offering which avails access to markets in both North and South of the MED

Startups Without Borders: Startups Without Borders is a pioneering initiative that focuses on empowering refugee entrepreneurs and migrant innovators to build successful businesses and contribute to the economic growth of their host countries. By providing training, mentorship, and access to funding opportunities, Startups Without Borders plays a vital role in supporting underrepresented communities in the startup ecosystem. The organization’s presence at entrepreneurship events in the MED region underscores its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the entrepreneurial community.In collaboration with Startups Without Borders, Techne Summit Cairo offers the Dual Startup Exhibitor Pass. This comprehensive package caters to startups attending both events. It offers exhibition booths at both summits, facilitating connections with a broad audience exceeding 25,000 attendees. The pass also grants access to workshops, talks, and networking opportunities across both events, fostering knowledge exchange and potential collaborations. This combined experience allows startups to maximize their visibility and engagement within the innovation ecosystem.

 The convergence of Techne Summit, Reflect, and Startups Without Borders events in May 2024 highlights the vibrancy and diversity of the entrepreneurship landscape in the MED region. These gatherings not only showcase innovative ideas and emerging trends but also provide valuable platforms for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and empowerment within the startup ecosystem.

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