Workshops: The Prime Vehicle to New Heights

Posted by: Techne Team on August 21, 2023 13:52:45

Workshops: The Prime Vehicle to New Heights

The era of entrepreneurship is not only on the rise but continues to soar to new heights. Simultaneously, the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement is experiencing a remarkable ascent. As we collectively strive for a brighter tomorrow and a future teeming with promise, the allure of a triumphant career—whether within established roles or burgeoning businesses—beckons us.

As we strive for progress, we eagerly seize every chance to gather knowledge. We're like curious explorers, learning from the challenges others have faced and eagerly soaking up insights from industry leaders and mentors. Enroll in online courses, dissect the missteps of those who've paved the way, and try hard to acquire the know-how we need to succeed.

But can you guess a prime vehicle for this quest? Workshops!

Workshops are a prime vehicle for this quest. They offer personalized, curated content tailored to individual needs. In just an hour, participants gain substantial insights, engage interactively, and enjoy open Q&A sessions.

With this in mind, it is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our array of workshops, poised to be unveiled at the upcoming Techne Summit Alexandria 2023 in October.


And as a special preview, let us offer you a glimpse of what's in store for you:

  • Pitching Beyond Boundaries: How to Craft World-Class Decks: Learn how to create impressive world-class pitch decks from Yasmine Nagaty, Acceleration Manager at AUC Venture Lab.
  • Your Guide to Success (Marketing Mix): Join Medhat Yassin, the CEO of Mori International, to discover how to succeed by balancing your marketing efforts.
  • Building a Global Brand on a Budget and Strategizing for Online Success: Khaled Radwan, founder of eComm Arc, will teach you how to grow your brand internationally without overspending.
  • LinkedIn Influence Top 3 Secrets: How To Make A Signature Personal Brand: Fady Ramzy, an expert in online marketing and personal branding, will reveal the top three secrets to building your personal brand on LinkedIn.
  • Mastering Project Success: Ahmad Eldabaa, Managing Director at Ajax Business Solutions, will share strategies to ensure your projects are high-quality, on time, and within budget.
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