Wait... An Influencer Can Make or Break A Brand?

Posted by: Techne Team on September 01, 2020 23:50:15

This panel isn't like any other. We're bringing you the incredible actor "Amr Wahba" , TV host Salizon & Vignette " Ingy Abo Elseoud" , "Ahmed ElGhandour" founder of "Da7ee7" , "Mai Abaza" managing partner at Publicist Inc and "Alaa Elsheikh" senior creative copywriter at FP7. A debate under the title of "How Does An Influencer Affect The Marketing Of A Brand". Discussing the enticing hot topic of the future of influencer marketing. Guess what else?! They're ready to answer all your questions!  

 Topics: Techne Summit

Topics: techne summit

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