Fasten Your Seat-belts: 6 Workshops that Will Catapult Your Startup to the Next Level

Posted by: Techne Team on September 01, 2020 22:38:03

Ready to see the stars? Techne Summit’s 5th Edition is gearing up to get your startup to the next level, through a series of ground-breaking workshops provided by industry experts from around Silicon Valley, Berlin, and the world, whose talks will be ranging from product design, to storytelling, to mission-driven businesses.

As we get ready for 3 days of action-packed events, we’ve listed 6 game-changing workshops to catapult your business regionally, and globally. Whether you are a startup working in the FinTech sector, EdTech, or you are creating the next generation of socially-driven users, these workshops are not to be missed.

1. How to build a community around your mission, with Chris Heivly

Techstars’ VP of Innovation Chris Heivly is landing right at the heart of Alex to speak about community building. Chris is also the co-founder of MapQuest, and an early-stage investor with company-building experience from $0 to $25M. He is a blogger and a speaker, specially focused on entrepreneurial community development, and as recently authored ‘Build The Fort.’


2. Go Global, with Nina Ann Walters

Ready to take your business to the next level? Landing from Berlin, Nina Ann Walters, founder and Managing Director of Expandise, will look at how to expand into new markets, what to avoid, and tips to prepare you for success. Nina’s company, Expandis, helps digital companies develop their international strategy and launch new markets. Before launching her own business, Nina managed international markets for various Berlin-based startups.


3. The Matchmaker: a journey from seed to exit, with Sameh Saleh

The founder of the leading Arabic match-making app, Harmonica, will walk us through his journey from seed funding to exit. Saleh is an experienced Reservoir Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Oil & Energy industry. Harmonica’s success story has created rounds in the local and international ecosystem after Match Group acquired it in August 2019. 


4. The Science of Good Storytelling, with Ramy Kandil

From 100,000 B.C. to date, storytelling has largely defined Homo sapiens as the dominant ruling species of planet Earth, but how exactly has storytelling contributed to the rise of mankind? How has it evolved over time to suit our contemporary era where stories are no longer fireside chats after a long day hunting mammoths, but 24/7 bombardment from multiple screens and touch points every single day? Delve into the storytelling that makes brands better at selling their products, in this fascinating workshop with Rami Kandil.


5. Growth Marketing: Product-Market Fit, Marketing KPIs and Growth Techniques, with Ramzi Halabi

Get a deep dive on what it takes to execute an effective growth marketing strategy. From attitude towards failure, a reality check on today's typical consumer journeys, AARRR funnel best practices, tools and an after session one on one workshop for those interested to address their startup's most pressing marketing challenges and opportunities.


6. What is Blockchain, with Ahmed Adel Mansour

Without a doubt, blockchain was the talk of the year. But what is blockchain, after all? Dive into the business backdrop, the problem area, its relation to bitcoin, and the requirements for blockchain in a business environment, with the Central Bank of Egypt’s Head of Digital Channels, Integration & Blockchain Expert, Ahmed Adel Mansour


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