Strap Your Boots: Techne Drifts Sets Off to Hit 14 Cities in Egypt!

Posted by: Techne Team on September 01, 2020 22:13:07

Covering all corners of Egypt, from the iconic Aswan to the Nile Delta where the river meets the Mediterranean Sea, Techne Drifts is kicking off across 14 cities this month.

Techne Drifts, now running its 4th edition, is Egypt’s first roadshow competition across the country’s governorates, in a country-wide startup competition that will see three hundreds of entrepreneurs come together to redesign the future of the nation.

What are the drifts?

Each Drift is a one-day event geared towards strengthening local startup ecosystems and empowering entrepreneurs across the country’s most remote corners. Taking on the road, the Techne team will gather the most inspiring movers and shakers of the region’s startup scene, to host a series of talks, workshops, and orientations in 14 cities, for entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and take part in the competition.

So what’s going to happen?

After each drift, 3 to 5 startups will be selected in each city to pitch in front of a jury at each regional semi-final: Delta, North Upper Egypt, South Upper Egypt, and Canal. Every Saturday, we will be hosting the semi-finals, where three championing startups will be selected in each region, as well as two from Cairo and Alexandria.

At the end of the Drifts, 14 semi-finalists will get the chance to pitch at the finals in Cairo, on March 31st

If you have a startup and want to take it to the next level, apply now!

When is it happening?

No matter where you are, the Drifts are coming to you! Join some of the region’s most vivacious pioneers, entrepreneurs and investors, check out the dates below and apply HERE!

North Upper Egypt

  • Minya: February 23rd

  • Assiut: February 24th

  • Sohag: February 25th

Regional semi-finals: February 29th in Assiut


  • Zagazig: March 1st

  • Tanta: March 2nd

  • Mansoura: March 3rd

Regional semi-finals: March 7th in Tanta


  • Port Said: March 8th

  • Ismailia: March 9th

  • Suez: March 10th

Regional semi-finals: March 14th in Ismailia

South Upper Egypt

  • Qenna: March 16th 

  • Luxor: March 17th 

  • Aswan: March 18th

Regional semi-finals: March 21st in Aswan 

  • Alexandria semi-final: March 24th

  • Cairo semi-final: March 26th

Grand Finale: March 31st in Cairo

If you have a startup and want to take it to the next level, apply now!  Topics: Techne Drifts

Topics: Techne drifts

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